Academic Writing – Lecture 01 (Introduction to Academic Writing)

Welcome to my short course on academic writing. It’s a topic very important for a lot of us, but unfortunately, we are bad at it through no fault of our own. Here is my humble attempt to correct it. There are 4 lectures in this series, and this is Lecture 01. In this one, I talk about —

Part 01 – What is academic writing? Why is it important?
Part 02 – How academic writing is different then popular/creative writing?
Part 03 – Types of academic writing and their structures
Part 04 – Common myths about academic writing

Lecture 01, Part 01

Lecture 01, Part 02

Lecture 01, Part 03

Supplementary materials for Part 3

Here is the project report template I mentioned in Part 3. I hope, this will give you ideas on what to write for research/project proposals. Click here to download – Sample 1, Sample 2.

Lecture 01, Part 04


I hope you enjoyed lecture 1. In the later lectures, I will talk about

Lecture 02 – Starting to Write
2.1. Selecting research topic.
2.2. Brief description of conducting research.
2.3. How to take notes and why is it important in writing?
2.4. Where and which section to start writing from?
2.5. Specific tips on writing each section

Lecture 03 – Editing and Finalizing
3.1. What to look for while editing the manuscript?
3.2. How to avoid unintentional double meaning?
3.3. Formatting tables and figures.
3.4. What goes in the manuscript and what to put in supplementary information?

Lecture 4 – Thousand things to remember
4.1. Choosing a journal
4.2. Reference management
4.3. Ethics in writing and publishing
4.4. Peer review process
4.5. Article publishing process



  1. Thank you very much for your first lecture about basics of academic writing.

    I know the structure of academic writing but most of the time my research article has been rejected by reviewer saying that “poor language”. How can I improve and how can I check this issue before submitting? Any tips and tricks will help me a lot.

    Thanks again and looking forward for your next lectures.

    1. Hello Azizur Rahman, Thanks for your comment. I will talk about language on the second and third lecture.

  2. Hello Vaia,

    Could you please discuss the review literature and also the pattern of critical reviewing. Most of the time papers are rejected due to a lack of critical review.

  3. Thank you so much for this session, seeing the research of Rangamati, I want to introduce myself to you, I am from the same hilly area and I am a lecturer at Government Ramgarh College, Khagrachari. I have a great desire to go to the USA for higher studies, it might be a masters/Ph.D, so, I am preparing myself. I have read Masum Vocabuilder that was written by you, from that I am a great fan of you. To make my dream come true your proper indication is needed for me. Thank you again.
    – Saiful

    1. I wish you success. Please follow NexTop-USA ( and keep in touch with our facebook group (

  4. Thank you so much for 1st lecture. I am eagerly waiting to watch your next lecture. I want to know the process of secondary citation in APA style. Is secondary citation preferable or creates a bad impression in the journal articles?

  5. How may I summarize an article paper effectively? For me, it’s too time-consuming & can’t figure out the main idea properly.

  6. Thanks a lot vaia. Eagerly waiting for the next vedios and would you please share some name of the softwares for PhD students should learn to develop academic writing, and research purpose.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing those videos with such valuable information’s. Hope to see you in the next video bhaiya. Eagerly waiting for this.

  8. Thank you so much for doing this series. I know it will be beneficial for many many researchers out there.
    I am a masters student who is keen to know how publishing a paper in a journal or conference proceeding works. So looking forward to that part of the series when you cover these areas.

  9. Unlike pasting from the internet, which I did a lot previously, I have been thinking for few weeks of writing an original assignment paper for one of my undergraduate courses. As I was unfamiliar with the formal ideas of academic writing I got nervous and frightened. Bearing that feeling, I tried for few days and discovered that I was not going any closer to formulating a single draft of the paper. My enthusiasm got zeroed. Then I found out about this course of yours. And now, I can tell that I’m feeling sparks of inspiration in me again for completing the paper uniquely.
    I’m finding this course helpful & effective.
    Having said that, I’m extending a humble request to you to include one segment on research areas for business students.
    Thank you so much. Eagerly waiting for the next videos. Best wishes.

  10. Bhaiya thanks a lot for the lecture series. I don’t think so anyone can find such better guidelines on the internet. Please do upload the rest of the lecture series soon.

  11. Dear Brother, Hope you are doing well.
    Thanks a lot for the lecture series. I am engrossed to see these lecture series. You have conducted in excellent and understandable way. I have learnt many things and motivate by the line from Hemingway, also myth section help me a lot.
    By through your YouTube channel, I have seen the first part of second lecture. I am eagerly waiting to see the rest of the lectures.

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