About me

Curriculum Vitae


Chittagong, Bangladesh


Primary – Saint Mary’s Primary School, Bangladesh
Secondary – Comilla Zilla School, Bangladesh
Higher Secondary – Comilla Victoria College, Bangladesh
Undergraduate, Environmental Science – University of Chittagong, Bangladesh
MS, Forest Resources – University of Arkansas at Monticello, USA
MS, Agricultural and Applied Economics – University of Georgia, USA
PhD, Forestry and Natural Resources – University of Georgia, USA



1) VocaBuilder, The Ultimate Vocabulary Builder
2) NexTop Guide to Higher Study in USA (Editor and Co-author)
3) Revised Big Book Part 1 (Co-author)
4) শক্তিমান বর্তমান, Rendition of The Power of Now (Co-author)
5) Bigganjatra Magazine Volume 1 & 2 (Editor)

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Topic of Interest

Science, Science communication, Myth, Philosophy, History, Environment, Social Change, etc.

Person of Interest

Carl Sagan, Socrates, Aamir Khan, Nikola Tesla, Giordano Bruno, David Attenborough, and many more.



1) VocaBuilder, The Ultimate Vocabulary Builder – Website, Facebook Page.
2) NexTop-USA, helps make USA your next stop for higher study – Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group.
3) Bigganjatra, platform for studying science – Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group.
4) Onubadokder Adda, platform for studying translation – Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group.
5) Mythology – Facebook Page.
6) The History Story – Facebook Page.
7. Carl Sagan, to spread his teaching – Facebook Page.

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Scientific Research Articles

  • Masum, M.F.H., P. Dwivedi, and W.F. Anderson. 2020. “Estimating Unit Production Cost, Carbon Intensity, and Carbon Abatement Cost of Electricity Generation from Bioenergy Feedstocks in Georgia, United States.” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 117 (October 2019): 109514. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rser.2019.109514.
  • Masum, M.F.H., K. Sahoo, and P. Dwivedi. 2019. “Ascertaining the Trajectory of Wood-Based Bioenergy Development in the United States Based on Current Economic, Social, and Environmental Constructs.” Annual Review of Resource Economics 11 (1): 169–93. https://doi.org/10.1146/annurev-resource-100518-093921.

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