We, as a species, have achieved astonishing success through science and technology. We are now dominating this planet Earth and the nearby space. Yet, we have enormous problems in society; some remained unsolved for thousands of years, some were added recently. No matter what the nature of any particular problem is, whenever I thought of its solution, I always got stuck in the same thing. I have to come this conclusion that those problems remained unsolved because of us, because of our mentality. Until we change our mentality through educating ourselves, those problems will not cease to exist. That’s why I have taken a few educational projects through which I wish to change at least a few people’s mind. Well, the second reason is – I really like the subject matter of these projects too!

Onubadokder Adda

platform for studying and creating translation works
Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group.

I believe that translation is a powerful tool that makes important things available in another language. George Steiner said, “Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.”

In one afternoon of June 2013, I was bored of my procrastination and decided to act on a plan I had for long. I opened a group in facebook to form a community for people interested in translating important stuff. I named it “Onubadokder Adda”, which can be translated as “Translators’ Hangout”. Together, we published several Bangla subtitles. On November 2 of the same year, we opened a facebook page for better publicity of our works. Then in Summer 2015, we decided to make a website. We have been immensely praised so far for our choice and quality of work.


platform for studying science
Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group.

In 2013, I watched the show Cosmos: A Personal Voyage by Carl Sagan and immediately became his fan. I had plans for a science communication project before 2013, but the plan never took any shape because I lacked the determination. But not after watching Cosmos! On the same day I created the facebook page for Onubadokder Adda (November 2, 2013), I created another one for science. Later on, we created website and facebook group that got popular among the science lovers very quickly.


helps make USA your next stop for higher study
Website, Facebook Page, Facebook Group

My friend Salman and I took GRE, an exam necessary for higher study in USA, in September 2010. By January 2011, some aspirants came to us asking detailed academic guideline to prepare for GRE because there was no place in Chittagong where they could have got it. So, we established a coaching center and trained them for GRE. We named it NexTop-USA, short for “Next Stop USA”. We also started several altruistic projects under NexTop. We started writing blogs on the overall procedure for higher study in USA. We also created a facebook group where people can share their problems and our volunteers will provide solutions. That group became a thriving community with 45 thousand members and increasing everyday.

English Vocabulary Course

for Bangla speakers, to learn English vocabulary
Website, Facebook Page.

In 2010, while preparing for GRE, I started a manuscript for a vocabulary book. Among other things, it took me about 2 years to finish it. In 2012, I published it with the name VocaBuilder. Next year, I made video lectures on every chapter of that book and released it on YouTube for everybody.


to study the rich heritage of myth we have
Facebook Page.

I believe that studying myth is important not only because it is immensely enjoyable, but also they can teach us a lot. There are many people in this world who believes in superstition and religion. Studying all sorts of myth with an academic mind helps us open our eyes from those things. In summer 2015, I started this project and our volunteers are continuously writing stories from Hindu, Greek, Norse, Egyptian mythology.

The History Story

to study history and make a beautiful future
Facebook Page.

“He who cannot draw on three thousand years is living from hand to mouth.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I sincerely believe that educating people about history broadens their views and that is really important to create a progressive future generation. Saddening history will not repeat itself if we study the situation, become aware of it beforehand, and take actions. So, on the same day of creating the Mythology page, I created this history page too. I have plans to make a website out of it.

Carl Sagan

to spread his teaching
Facebook Page.

Carl Sagan has been my idol since I watched Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. No one touched my heart the way he did, no one motivated me to keep trying like he did, no one introduced the Cosmos like he did. He died in 1996, I never met him. It makes me sad that his grave was the closest I ever got to him. But I am glad to live in a world where a person can talk to me from the other side of death through his books or TV shows. I believe, his teachings should continue to be distributed. To do my part, I opened this page.


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